e at AUM Health Centre would like to invite you to spend a restful and rejuvenating holiday with us.

Guests in need of a respite from the tension and stress of everyday life can rediscover their vitality and joie de vivre. Those plagued by illness and health problems can rest and be treated in quiet, comfortable surroundings situated in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

Our staff of Naturopaths and therapists who have received several years of extensive training in Atmasantulana Village in India will find ample time to devote to your needs.

It is our heartfelt wish that, after your stay with us, you will be as enthusiastic about Ayurveda as we are and enjoy integrating the knowledge gained here into your day-to-day life.

Our Centre opened its doors in 1994 as one of the first Ayurveda Centres in Europe.

linical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Naturopath Reinhard Ravidas Korn, who is a disciple of Dr. Shri Balaji També since 1980, has managed AUM Health Centre since its inception 1994.

Several members of our medical team have undergone intensive Ayurvedic Therapy training in Atmasantulana Village, India.

uring your stay we would like to provide a conflict-free space where you can forget your everyday worries; a space in which there are less distractions, where you can rest and reconnect with yourself. For this reason, all rooms are telephone, TV and radio-free. To maintain a cosy and clean environment, we request that outdoor shoes be removed and slippers worn indoors.

It is important to us that our Centre remains smoke-free; the use of drugs and alcohol on the grounds is also prohibited.

Our Healing Centre is not a hospital and it is therefore not possible for us to admit patients suffering from serious illnesses or in need of intensive care.

As some of our guests may suffer from animal-hair allergies, we regret that we cannot accommodate pets.