Steam Baths and Massages

These therapies support the cleansing and detoxifying process of medicated ghee. They are applied prior to and after the days on which ghee is ingested.

Full-body Massage (Abhyanga)
This massage, using medicated sesame or coconut-based oil, is stimulating as well as relaxing. It furthers the detoxifying process, improves the circulation and energizes the body.

Steam Bath (Svedan)
After the skin has been carefully oiled with warm sesame oil, the patient sits or lies in a steam bath. According to Ayurveda, the brain should never be overheated so the head is always kept free of the steam. The sweating induced by the steam removes many toxins from the cells and helps the body to relax.

This special technique, which combines a relaxing back massage and spinal cord acupressure, was developed by Dr. També. The oil used is specifically designed for the back and spinal cord. It revitalises the spine and helps prevent backache.

Purging Therapy

The next step in Panchakarma is "Virechan". A special purgative herbal drink is administered which cleanses the gastrointestinal tract of all residual impurities. Virechan is followed by Bastis, a variety of specialised therapies using oil or ghee. The most important of these are the enema Bastis which are designed to build up the intestinal flora and strengthen the muscle tone.

Other Elements

Other important elements of our holistic Panchakarma cure include Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, music therapy, meditation and lectures.

Special Therapies

Therapies for the treatment of specific ailments include:

Eye Basti (Netra Basti)
Helps to improve the eyesight. The eyes are covered for a specific time with a layer of special oil or medicated ghee. This restful therapy harmonizes Pitta.

Ear Basti (Karnapuran)
Effective against all problems of the auditory tract. After a gentle massage of the ears and face, warm medicated oil is administered to the ears.

Nasal Basti (Nasya)
Beneficial in case of sinusitis, tinnitus and problems of the brain. Harmonises kapha.

A steady stream of warm oil is poured onto the forehead. Beneficial in cases of migraine and stroke. Balances Vata.

Rice Massage (Pinda Svedan)
Synchronised massage with a poultice of rice cooked in a herbal decoction. Beneficial in cases of paralysis, arthritis and muscular disorders.

Heart Basti (Hrud Basti)
The application of medicated ghee to the heart. An effective therapy for the removal of arterial blockage. Strengthens the heart and improves circulation.


Our menu is carefully planned and prepared in accordance with Ayurvedic vegetarian principles and adjusted to correspond to the different stages of Panchakarma. Even though the meals are of a special diet, the variety and delicious taste delight even non-vegetarian visitors.

Subsidiary Programmes

During your stay you are warmly invited to join us for regular lectures covering various aspects of holistic health and Ayurveda. The practical tips given here will help you to integrate the knowledge gained during your visit into everyday life, prolonging the positive effects gained through Panchakarma. In addition, we provide you with a basic understanding of the constitutional types Vata, Pitta and Kapha and round off your stay with an extensive personal health guidance session.


Since it is our conviction that menstruation disorders are the cause of many female ailments and that these could be prevented if a normal menstrual cycle were restored, the subject Menstruation is, in our opinion, an extremely relevant one. Menstruation should be viewed as each woman’s natural rejuvenation process, a time in which women should allow themselves as much rest and quiet as possible. In this, we would like to impart some ideas and suggestions to our patients as to how they can optimally utilize the menstruation process. To ensure that the attendant physiological changes proceed naturally and without disturbance, no therapies are performed during this time. May we suggest that you take this into consideration while planning your cure or allow for a 3-4 day extension of your stay.