Yoga and Breathing Exercises

These simple but very effective exercises can be easily integrated into the daily routine after completion of the cure. In essence, they increase the body’s flexibility and promote vitality and inner peace.

Lectures, Questions and Answer Sessions

Regularly scheduled lectures are designed to provide our guests with a basic understanding of Ayurveda and to offer helpful suggestions for the maintenance of a healthy regime after returning home. We make sure there is enough time to answer all questions that may arise regarding Ayurveda and to discuss each individual´s personal experiences during Panchakarma.

Music Therapy and Meditation

Music Therapy plays an important role in our holistic health programme. Since time immemorial, mankind has recognised he healing power of music. As a heart-to-heart language, music is accessible to everyone regardless of language or culture and in this, the traditional Indian Raga system has been found to be especially effective. Ragas are melodies that follow a certain pattern; some ragas are suited to par- ticular times of the day, others evoke specific moods and emotions and may also exhibit a healing effect on certain ailments.

The meditation technique practised in our centre was developed in Atmasantulana Village by Shri Dr. Balaji També. As well as being an integrated healing discipline in our therapeutic process, meditation is a vital contributing

Recreational facilities

For recreation one can enjoy our spacious garden, browse the Ayurvedic products displayed in our boutique or relax in the quiet of our well-stocked library. The lush forests surrounding our Centre provide an excellent opportunity for walks or bike rides on the bicycles provided by the Centre for your use. In the evening, guests are invited to participate in lectures and discussions or enjoy a movie.